1. Ahmed ElGammal

    I receive this error message everytime while opening the vm it’s working with the official trial version but not with the business edition downloaded from here

    “Your virtual machine will continue working normally but will have no network connection.”

    I cannot connect to the network by any mean

    • Ahmed ElGammal

      Please I need your support I tried to change the control. center settings with no luck and now I am using the trial version that will expire within 2 days

      • ook brother today i will make a video and then, share with you don’t worry am here.

        • Ahmed ElGammal

          Thank you Bro

        • Ahmed ElGammal

          These are the error messages That I face every time I am loading the VM


          • Brother, i have try to install into my system but its not supporting to new version of this software. Actully this time i am running MacOS Big Sur Developer Preview v11.5 Which is recently released for developer. So, thats why i cannot help you this time you can pur your qustion with screenshot maybe someone help you. here is a link https://forum.parallels.com/ open this link, create an account and create a topic with full detial including screenshot. they will assesst you. by the why not if u used windows 10 in boot camp assesstent its better then, Parallels and very fast. Am also, running windows 10 in boot camp. work fine.

    • I will make video brother

  2. Same problem with me. I am on big sur beta, normal build with trial version from website worked find and when I installed. network initialisation failed and boom not network. no wi fi installed showing. can you help I m also on trial version and can’t afford to buy it.

    • Many user have same issue, I think you move to next and find any alternative I have also, Vmware Fusion too you can also, check

  3. Same network problem. VMware fusion version is not yet compatible with Bigsur.

    • Yes! brother is new version. As will as today I will add old version of Vmware Fusion. Mybe Old Version work on Big Sur. I have try to install on Big Sur but fail. Fail mean some of network issue arrived.

  4. The new version is 16.0.1 seems like have fixed that problem. Waiting for your new cracked.

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